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I had the pleasure of working with Tony Stockwell at Stansted Hall.

I was lucky enough to be in his group and spent the week being

taught by Tony himself. It was awesome. I learned to work in many 

different ways with my Mediumship and I know that this has increased

my ability and pushed me to ask for even more confirmation.

      Tony Stockwell


I met some fantastic people during the week. One of which was Bob

from Ireland. I had to do a demonstration of Mediumship in front of

Tony Stockwell as part of my course. I was really nervous. Bob was

the person that I had a message for and he was amazing.  Bob said

"It felt as though you were talking direct to spirit". Which of course

I was!!

 Me and Bob, what a great man he is!

The course was called Stand Up For Spirit and we certainly did that.

Tony Stockwell is the most amazing teacher, he has a unique way of 

getting the best out of each of his students. Tony has a wonderful

sense of humour so it did not even feel like work! Although we were 

working from 9am to 9pm each day, we did go to the bar afterwards.

I met some great people and you can always rely on the Irish for good

dancing and entertainment. I even learned how to do the Riverdance.

Delcan Flynn was amazing!

 That's me on the left in the red dress. 

                                 Declan has his back to you all!      


                                                         In the bar on the last evening.





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