International Psychic Medium

Sally-Ann Taylor, Psychic Medium.
Australia, USA,  Europe, Ireland & United Kingdom.
& all countries worldwide.
Personal & Skype Readings.


The person who helped me become a Psychic/Medium was a fantastic lady called AMELIA MARY CLAIRE THWAITES. She was my dear Grandmother.  It was her transformation to spirit that gave me the evidence and the encouragement to work as a Medium and give others this valuable evidence that no one really "dies", it is just our physical body that leaves the earth.

I am constantly working to improve my mediumship and clairvoyance so that I can give even more evidence to my clients. I also teach clairvoyance and mediumship to others that want to learn how to connect.

I completed a week's residential course with Tony Stockwell many years ago and I have learned so much more. My connection to the spirit world is so important to me and to give people really good evidence is just the best.

My journey has been at times very rocky, but I have never lost my faith.  I just look upon the experiences that I have had as making me the person I am today and without them I would not be me. I do struggle with the way that people behave at times, especially when they call themselves "spiritual". None of us are perfect but I believe we all have the responsibility of being the best people we can be and treating everyone we come across with kindness and respect. 

I have written a book about my life's experiences and how I found that I had this lovely connection to the spirit world. It is called A Story to be Told and is available through or Amazon. I hope that if you read it you are able to take something from it, or it may talk about something you have experienced yourself.



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